Vision & Strategy at Revive Church


At New Life Church we passionately live with the knowledge that God is going to increasingly pour out His Spirit, His power and saving grace on the United Kingdom, Europe and beyond. We live to inspire that locally, nationally, globally; and in churches, Christians and among the not-yet saved.


New Life, as a church, is basically a collection of CULTURAL ENGINES, people-generators or training schools, devoted to raising up people of specific Christ-like character, who are passionate about inspiring global revival and walking in the fullness of Gods power and presence today.

These CULTURAL ENGINES, include all our services, our Christian school, internship programme, Bible school, children’s and youth ministries and every other department we have. If it doesn’t do this, we don’t do it! Everything is either getting people healed and saved, or getting them ready to go out and get more saved. That’s a revived people!

Out of these CULTURAL ENGINES flows a stream of great, Christ-like people, launching out on mission, outreach, church planting and heading into careers and communities, to revive them in the wonder of God’s love and power. We want to send awesome godly people into the fields of media, performing arts, education, politics, medicine, family and business.

That’s what we do. That’s what we live for. That’s our part on the Great Commission.

Want to join us?! 

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