Two new books from David & Marion Cooper now out!

Great News! These two books have just been made available on Amazon as paperback or ebook

A STRATEGY FOR LIFE by Marion Cooper

This book is based on a series of, mostly unconnected, articles written for Assemblies of God national monthly magazine “Joy” around the year 2000. I was limited to one thousand words and the magazine produced them initially, as aimed at women, although they weren’t originally written as such and eventually just became a regular column.I have called this book, “A strategy for Life”, because as I look at God’s word, that is what I am seeking, the key to living for Jesus today. How can I be a woman of God in today’s society? How can I succeed as a wife, as a mother, in my career and ministry? How can I touch my generation, my world for God now?A secondary title would be, “An Opinionated Woman”, because that also, is who I am!

Info and buy A Strategy For Life from Amazon: FIND OUT MORE & BUY

THE DAY OF THE WOLF AND THE QUEST FOR THE LAMB: The Hidden Bible Prophecies Throwing A New Light On Today’s Church – by David Cooper

We are living in the last days. Today among the ranks of the worldwide Body of Christ there is a cutting-edge type of Christian. Perhaps relatively few as a percentage of the pack, they chase after God with a single-minded persistence and a fierce determination that clearly sets them apart as Kingdom movers, shakers, leaders and role models among their brothers and sisters in the wolf-pack of the World Church. They are the Alpha wolves engaged in a headlong Quest for the Lamb.

Info and buy: The Day Of The Wolf and the Quest for the Lamb: The Hidden Bible Prophecies Throwing A New Light On Today’s Church FIND OUT MORE & BUY

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