Time to get STRONGER?

StrongerThis is a small extract from my new book STRONGER – building a powerful interior world. Download it here for just £2.99

At a very low point in my life, when I was feeling pretty weak and feeble, God came to me in a vision. He stood before me as a mighty warrior, literally as tall as a skyscraper. He raised His arms to heaven, raised His head and shouted out loudly “You are my son! You are my son!”

Various thoughts rushed around my mind, verses like “The Lord is a Warrior” (Exodus 15:3) and the beautiful approving words the Father spoke over Jesus as His ministry began:

“You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased” Luke 3:22.

But the most powerful realisation I had in that moment was that I was God’s son, and He was mighty, not weak! I indeed felt weak, shamed, stupid, defeated – but He was crying shamelessly out to the heavens “You are My son!” – In other words, “I am your Father, you have My genes, My might is running in your spiritual veins; My power is available to you! This is the family you come from. Stop focussing on your weakness, inability, sinfulness – start to focus on what you have inherited – a glorious strength, grace, power and potency from heaven!”

When I checked out the word “weak” in a thesaurus it says things like breakable, delicate, sickly, unwell, invalid, ineffective, unsound, inadequate, unsatisfactory, foolish, stupid, vacillating, wavering, unstable, irresolute, fluctuating, inconsiderable, flimsy, poor, trivial, lacking.

I do NOT want to be that guy!

In turn, I looked up the word STRONG:

Mighty, sturdy, brawny, sinewy, hardy, muscular, stout, potent, capable, efficient, valiant, brave, bold, persuasive, impressive, steady, firm, secure, unwavering, resolute, resilient.

Now that’s who I want to be! That’s what I want on my gravestone, OK!

Think of all our biblical and historical heroes; aren’t they summed up by the second list, not the first?

In fact, to get to the very heart of the issue, didn’t many start out as the first list, and somehow become the second?

Well, that is what we are going to learn in the following chapters. If any of us are starting out on the first list, then we are going to discover together how to become the second list…the list of the MIGHTY.

With God’s grace, with God’s mercy, with God’s principles you too can become strong and effective.

This is a small extract from my new book STRONGER – building a powerful interior world. Download it here for just £2.99

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