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Hull City Hall
Hull City Hall

Since 1996 a vision from heaven has slowly burned in my heart, growing clearer year by year. In short, I am filled with the belief that God is going to move in revival power in our generation as he did with Wesley, Azusa Street, the Welsh Revival and the Jeffries Brothers. We are going to see amazing days.

But this dream needs to be broken down into practical realities, missions & strategies. Here are the main core elements of our vision, and how we are outworking them at Revive Church and our partner ministries – along with something of a trumpet call to join us in our adventure. Are you part of this dream?

The Greatest auditoriums in the land
In 1996 God showed me the UK and Europe ablaze with God’s power and He said to me “the greatest auditoriums in the land would be filled” as great halls saw powerful gatherings where God moved! We have filled our own City Hall with miraculous events several times, and are now moving to other venues across the nation. In years to come we expect to see theatres, city halls and arena’s filled with multitudes experiencing God’s glory!

Miracles Hull city centre
Miracles Hull city centre

City Centres filled with glory
In 1996 I also saw a vision of the glory of God breaking out as crowds gathered in the streets! We’ve seen hundreds gather as deaf ears open, walking aids & crutches are left behind, people are overwhelmed by God’s power and saved. In the years to come this will increase greatly as a generation of glory carriers takes to their city centres.

The Countryside reached
God is the God of the country as well as the city. There are many villages and small towns where some will not travel to the cities for church – so we need to take the Gospel to them! We have reached into a dozen East Yorkshire villages and towns in recent years, but I expect a move of God to rock village halls throughout the beautiful British countryside! Can God move across villages as a harvest takes place in homes and halls? I believe so.

New Life Academy
New Life Academy

Raising extraordinary generations
God has always led us towards inspiring a young generation into the character and power of God! As well as our children and youth ministries (Revival Kids, All Stars and Revival Nation) the New Life Christian Academy was launched in 2010 in Hull teaching 4-18 yr olds, while Colombia ChildCare UK has been running half a dozen schools across Colombia educating over 1500 children.  In years to come I believe we will rescue, save, teach & train thousands of children in the things of God, raising a revival generation across the world! Come help us raise an extraordinary generation!

Church Planting & networking
In recent years Revive Church has moved from one location, to three – with more to be planted soon. I expect campus and church planting to expand across East Yorkshire and through the UK and Europe in years to come, as the apostolic call on Revive matures. Do you feel called to this apostolic adventure?

Revive Academy of Leadership & the Arts
Of course, any great vision needs a training ground to raise excellent troops for battle. Our current Ministry School, Bible School, coaching and training programs are equipping many worship leaders, evangelists, church planters, missionaries, creatives, artists, broadcasters and influencers! Check out the Revive Academy website for training opportunities full-time, part-time, online and evening classes.

Revive Academy
Revive Academy

The Divine Creative
Creative people are close to my heart. But it’s not the self-indulgent aspect of artists that will touch our nation – No, I believe a generation of worship leaders, singers, musicians, actors, dancers, script writers and production team that work in immense power and humility will be raised up to broadcast the Gospel and glory of God across the world with integrity.

International Missions
Any healthy church community pulsates with the Great Commissions call to disciple nations. At Revive we’ve ministered in over 35 nations personally and dozens more by media. We’ve ministered into politics & royalty, social action and church leaders. The dream though is to see a never ending flow of mission’s teams moving out across the world with the Gospel and signs and wonders, touching lives, planting churches, helping the poor. May today’s stream, become a vibrant river, as Revive members catch the heart of God for the nations; filling cars, buses, planes and airwaves, going boldly with God’s presence and power.


A community filled with His presence
To me, knowing God’s presence is not simply about church services and outreach. It’s about building a community in East Yorkshire where God’s Spirit lives closely and powerfully with man. Ephesians 2:22 talks of the Church being a “building where God dwells by His Spirit”, and in Hull I long to see a community where you can walk in God’s amazing presence, from the cradle to the grave. That means Spirit filled schools, nurseries, employment opportunities and training, medical centres, mental health support, sheltered housing, retirement care homes, healing houses and prayer centres. We’ve started on the schools and advice centres, but there is so much more to go as we seek to build a house for God and man to walk together. Are you called to help build this community?

“You have to dream before your dreams can come true.”
A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

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