Supernatural Video Reports!

Our tv department has released several short video reports of the amazing move of miracles that has taken place recently around East Yorkshire. Here are just some of the miracles experienced in people’s lives in the last few months:

Click to watch:
Supernatural report 1 watch
Supernatural report 2 watch
Supernatural report 3 watch

Hear about Sandra McKinley’s amazing healing after 6 1/2 years of agonizing pain! Watch

We are expecting the flow of miracles to continue and increase at the upcoming Hull City Hall meetings 8-10 March 2012 with Nathan Morris. Join us in the evenings for an incredible miracle service. Join us on the Friday for a day learning how to move in miracles yourself. Join us in the open air of Hull city centre on the Saturday for miracles on the streets!

Video about this event here. Watch.

Book by visiting our website.

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