NEW BOOK: Believe & Confess – for kids!

My wife Vicky has just released a kids version of our book “Believe & Confess” for 7-11 year olds. (You can Purchase a copy for your child HERE.)

Recently our son went through a season of being scared at night.  I guess this is fairly normal for any child to face, but this gave Vicky the idea to re-write some of the confessions of faith from our first book, and make them specifically for children. Watch our son Zach share how this declaration has helped him: WATCH

Free Declaration to download
Below is one of the declarations our son Zach has been repeating each night and now he knows it off-by-heart.  I would love you to download this FREE sample and try it out on your kids. I would also love your feedback to see how it has helped your child.  I know it has helped my son enormously. One family has already reported that their child, who was having suicidal thoughts at a young age, has broken through to a new place of faith! Just incredible! Declaring and confessing God’s word is so powerful!

You can download and print a FREE A4 copy of one of the declarations to stick on your child’s bedroom wall HERE.

Purchase your copy of the full book, Believe and Confess for Kids HERE.

Every blessing

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