My Soul Thirsts


for-the-anointing-of-your-presencesatisfies-me-like-nothing-else-you-are-such-a-rich-banquet-of-pleasure-to-my-soul-2“My Soul thirsts for you” Psalm 63:1

You have a soul that gets thirsty.

Just like your body longs to eat and drink when it needs to, your very soul and heart have appetites too. They are designed to keep you chasing after, engaging with and taking in things that will keep you healthy, strong and able to fight through life.

When your soul gets thirsty you have longings. Feelings of insecurity, fears, loneliness, frustration, emptiness, lack of fulfilment – these are all the hunger pangs of your soul.

The question is, when this happens are we going to drink spiritual sugary drinks and eat junk food, or do we eat what God really intended?

Some seek to sooth their hunger pangs by throwing themselves into mindless leisure, endless TV, unhealthy relationships, secret sins and materialism. Others seek the buzz of the stage, the adulation of crowds, the satisfaction of busyness or even the fulfilment of ministry.

While servanthearted service and vision are indeed a true and good part of life, your appetite was truly made to be fulfilled by consuming God! Jesus said “eat my flesh” (John 6:56). He said “Come to me you who are thirsty” John 7:37.

Come to God in worship. Bask in His presence. Peruse His Word. Speak His Name, meditate on His ways, remember His faithful deeds of old; and your “soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods”. Psalm 63:5

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