King Of Kings, Majesty

My entire King Of Kings, Majesty album by Kingsway/Authentic is now available on YouTube for free!

Songs include – Overwhelmed//King of Kings, Majesty//Days of Wonder//Today//I give You Praise//I Tremble//You are my Healer//Great is Your Name//You are my Refuge//He’s Alive//Above all powers//Through the Eyes of God//Lost in Your Glory//Glory in the Land//King of Kings, Majesty (Spanish Version)

Enjoy!! More to come soon….

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  1. Thanks Jarrod. The sound of your annionted voice has kept me going and helped me to learn to worship more and more in robes I dont deserve through some difficult times. I was the lost son for many years and after my father sadly died and God pulled me back into his presence, your cd (that I got from you about 22yrs ago when you came to us at ALCC Holmewood) was the only worship CD I owned and found it in my car 3 and half years ago. That CD helps lead me into his presentces Daily. Thank you Father for Jarrod. Bless him as he goes to rest and relax.

  2. Oh that’s great :). I actually have that album but we haven’t got a CD player set up atthe moment so this means I can listen to it online.

  3. Thanks Jarrod, I thoroughly enjoyed this CD when it first came out and think wore it out! Be great to hear it again.

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