As we enter 2022 we sense that our work with the Tribe and Revive Church is on the brink of an exciting new day! Last Sunday Jarrod shared several major developments for the church The audio podcast of the talk is here:

We would so appreciate it if you would pray, support us, join us, help us in any way God leads you! Here are the main new developments at Revive:


As explained in the podcast, due to our changing needs and opportunities, we are now looking at acquiring some land or a holiday/leisure/farm space on the outskirts of Hull as a Headquarters, to develop a “Hollybush style” 7-day-a-week revival centre full of fun, food, a House of Prayer, space for eventing and lots of community creating play! We are actively viewing properties & land right now, so if you know of any, please help us and let us know.


  • It looks as if we are imminently to be given a small community centre in Hull, to develop a busy community outreach centre.
  • We hope to have up to 6 Outreach Locations running across the region by Spring 2022, reaching communities, collaborating with local churches, leading people to Jesus.
  • We are beginning to hold special evangelism and revival events across the region, connected to our Outreach Locations.
  • Pray for a GREAT Harvest of souls!

All the above means we are going through a major staff readjustment, having to raise more funds, we have finally managed to open up THE TRIBE as a registered charity in the UK, and everything we do is getting leaner and stronger, ready to launch into all God has for us in this new era.


Look out for some fresh episodes of THE PROPHETS SPEAK in the coming days, that will explain all the remarkable prophetic encounters, dreams and words that have led us this way. God is on the move and it’s getting exciting!

Much love in Him

Jarrod & Vicky

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