If only we could see as God does….

The balcony of heavenGod has a completely different view of your life than you.  He sees it from the balcony of heaven.

Fresh starts, seemingly life altering failures, long waits, desperate needs for provision or apparent reversals in your dreams and destiny, all are held powerfully in God’s hand and well within the grasp His amazing grace.

Remember King David? Well the Bible shows us he wasn’t God’s “Plan A”! Yet look how amazing his life was! Think of Paul and Barnabas…God put them together to work in powerful team; but they argued til they could work together no more! Paul still went on to do amazing things for God.

You see, life is no tightrope, demanding perfection. God’s grace is so amazing He can work with plan B, C, D…and make it better than plan A was ever going to be. (Yes, He’s THAT powerful!) Conflicts, pain, failure, loss, relational breakdown – all can be overcome by the power of God’s mercy, if we learn how to lean on God’s grace.

Struggle to believe that? Then listen to this teaching “The Balcony of Heaven” and start to see destiny in the way God does, from a place of incredible power and mercy. This teaching, inspired by a powerful God-given dream, where I found myself on the balcony heaven, has utterly transformed my life.

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