I Went in Response…


sunset“I went in response to a revelation…” Gal 2:2

What has God said to you lately? When is the last time you heard His voice? Do you sense a flow of the wisdom of heaven in your world today?

Paul says “He went in response to a revelation…”. Everything in our lives begins in the mind of God, and flows to us through the multi-media of heavens communication. A thought, a feeling, a hunch, a bible verse seemingly coming to life and jumping off the page.

When ever this happens, I write it down. The verse, the feeling, the nudge, even the exact words, on the occasions it comes with such clarity. I do this because I know when God speaks, He has some blessing, some good thing in mind, for me or someone I love. A miracle is ready to unfold!

If you want to start enjoying heavens Red-Letter Days for your life, then start listening. From there, start responding. When you do, life is going to get incredibly exciting!

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