How To Release God’s Spirit Among The Young!

How can we bring a young generation into the moving of the Holy Spirit, as promised in the book of Acts? I love these verses describing Moses having face to face encounters with God, I think they give us a good place to start:

“Now Moses used to take a tent and pitch it outside the camp some distance away, calling it the “tent of meeting.” … As Moses went into the tent, the pillar of cloud would come down and stay at the entrance, while the LORD spoke with Moses … The LORD would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend. Then Moses would return to the camp, but his young aide Joshua son of Nun did not leave the tent.” Exodus 33:7-11

Moses would meet God in all His glory, conversing as a friend, receiving the wisdom he needed to lead. But the line that “gets me” most in this passage is the line about Joshua:

“Then Moses would return to the camp, but his young aide Joshua son of Nun did not leave the tent.”

If you know your Bible then you’ll know that Moses was a great leader, but it was Joshua that led the Children of Israel into the long-awaited breakthrough, finally entering the Promised Land.

Where did Joshua get the remarkable strength and boldness to enter the Promised Land? How did he succeed where Moses failed? Moses had drawn the youngster Joshua into his “Tent of Meeting” with God and then he left him there! Joshua had watched and experienced an older leader meeting God. Then he lingered in that remarkable presence and it made him one of the most powerful leaders to walk the planet.

We too, need to draw our children and youth into our places of God-encounter, if we are to raise an extraordinary generation. Giving them songs, games, moral codes and biblical principles is good, but not enough – We must give them God Himself!

I remember being around 6 years old, and one of the first worship teams in the world came to visit our church in the 1970’s. Our 600 strong church must have allowed the kids to sit around the stage area, because I vividly remember sitting on the edge of the platform as they sang and worshipped, and a rich sense of God’s presence invaded the auditorium. In that moment I felt God like an electricity filling me, and I knew God was more than a song, a preach, a church service or a kind principle – God was a being who loved me, wanted to know me and had reached out to me personally.

I was utterly transformed by something that was more “caught” than “taught” – I had met God for myself.

That encounter, and others that have followed, have meant more to me than all my years of Bible School training and sermons. Meeting God is deeply subjective, but profoundly life transforming. And that is what Moses gave to Joshua, and what my parents and their church gave me. They invited me into their tent, and I was transformed!

We too, need to learn how to build homes, churches and children’s ministries that are places of encounter, where all generations can meet God.


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  1. Great message. I would love to be be to share this to my ( God’s!)Chorley for Christ Facebook group.
    I too found remarkable the verse about Joshua staying in the tent and Holy Spirit revealed to me just what you have written.

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