Good To Great

Join us this Saturday (26/09/20) at 8pm on TRIBE TV

Jarrod Cooper takes you through the great leadership and culture book, GOOD TO GREAT by Jim Collins.

Jarrod says of this book “Probably no book outside the bible has informed my leadership in such a revolutionary way as GOOD TO GREAT by Jim Collins. It has improved my thinking, revolutionised my methods and improved my leadership skills immensely! We take many of our church leaders through the book, live by the incredible biblical values it espouses and have found vision, growth, wisdom and great insight in its pages. You HAVE to know this classic to lead today!”

Jarrod will give you his personal executive summary of each chapter by video, helping you get to grips with the key life changing truths that will revolutionise your leadership.

Join us at 8pm (BST) this Saturday night on TRIBE TV.

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