You will never be greater than the team you can muster together…and I know that nothing transforms the quality and energy of your leadership team like excellent investment! Leaders who are stretched, learning, flexible, carrying responsibility and growing in maturity makes the life of a Senior Leader ten times easier – Well, we have just the thing for you – and it’s an investment that is both effortless and inexpensive! 

The TRIBE is our global online learning community, with over 250 members around the world all learning and growing together it’s a great place for you to bring your leadership team to enjoy:

  • Over 500 modules of E:courses, videos, audio & activities in a private online learning zone. (Check out the Tribe Zone here: https://zachsdad.wpcomstaging.com/tribe-courses/ )
  • Exclusive social media groups for Tribe members.
  • 4 books on leadership the moment you join, plus every book I write during the time of your membership.
  • Access to Q&A times and events.
  • Apostolic connection to empower your team.

All available for just £25* per leader, per year, when you join Tier 3 of the Tribe (LEAD+: GLT Group Access).

Make your leaders feel awesome and energized, and see them grow powerfully by checking out Tier 3 of the Tribe here: https://zachsdad.wpcomstaging.com/join-our-tribe/

See you there!

*When you have 10 members in your Tier 3 group the cost works out at just £25 per leader for annual membership.

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