Discovering Self-Discipline


the-hope-that-springs-from-vision“Without a vision the people cast off restraint” Proverbs 29:18

Ever felt a failure because you lack the discipline others seem to have? While others have disciplined prayer lives, diets, spending habits or exercise regimes – you just can’t seem to work up that will power! It’s so frustrating.

People who lack self-discipline are never happy.

But there is secret to discipline. It is true that some are simply wired to think in disciplined patterns more naturally than others. Some have learned certain disciplines by practiced behaviour. But there is a third secret to discipline that just may help you:

Discipline comes from Vision.

Get a vision, and you’ll become disciplined – without even thinking that you are!

People with a vision get out of bed thinking about the vision. They pray to fulfil the vision. They seek God because they need His help. They save money, get fit, give up time or leisure or even change their diet because they have a vision.

The hope that springs from vision, will spark disciplines and restraints in you, that you never thought possible.

Seek God for your life’s purpose. For this years purpose. For today’s purpose. When you find it you will experience a new kind of YOU!

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