Behind the Scenes #9

It’s Sunday morning. Sat in my “McOffice” preparing for our Sunday morning service.

Last night was amazing. One of those glory nights where people just sing in the Spirit, waves of glory moving, for hours. O boy. If anyone has ever thought worship is about a few fast songs and a few slow – they would have discovered what worshipping in spirit is all about last night. It was amazing!

So many stories coming through of people transformed in God’s presence!

One lady had a spare ticket for Friday night, so gave it to a check out girl at the supermarket. She came, go healed, saved. Wow!

One woman healed of cerebral palsy. Hadn’t walked with her husband hand in hand for 7 years. They walked hand in hand across the platform.

Our Open Air license was from 2-3pm. But though the music stopped people were still being led to the Lord in the city centre after 4pm!

So many people saved these few days. In the wildest, most amazing meetings & on the streets.

If you took the technology out of the hall, changed all the clothes – what we’ve been in these last few days was just like the early Pentecostal revivals. Just amazing!

Something is breaking out! Cos it’s not just about Nathan, or a meeting – but stuff was going on everywhere, in and out of the meetings. Most of the most remarkable miracles were through youth, staff, congregation members.

Soooo proud of our team. You did incredible!


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