Behind the Scenes #7

When you have a 3 year old, it doesn’t matter that you only got to bed at 2am cos God was moving…. He’s still going to get up before 6am! ha!

What an incredible night last night was. Just so many healings! Another lady healed of post-stroke symptoms was healed last night and waited side stage to tell her testimony. We ran out of time! And still another  woman who had not been able to walk hand in hand with her husband 7 years, because she walked with sticks .. was healed – They walked hand in hand across the stage! and the testimony confirmed by her pastors.


TODAY – Well, we’re getting to take all this out onto the streets this afternoon 2-3pm in Hull City Centre (just outside the City Hall). We’re going to worship and just allow healing to take place, inviting members of the public to come forward for prayer. Join us!!

Then tonight we go for one last service at 6:30pm (NOTE…NOT 7:30pm).

Discussing with Nathan how we can continue on from here. More services in Hull City Hall later this year? A bigger venue, cos we’ve been FULLY BOOKED two of the nights? Or city halls and even stadiums around the UK and eventually Europe? Pray the wisdom of heaven on us all.

Thanks again to every one of our team right across the board. you are doing an amazing job!

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