Behind the Scenes #4 This is Thursday night in Hull!

WOW! Over 1000 gathered on a Thursday night in Hull! Who would believe it!?! I don’t think Hull has had a gathering like that in living memory … and that’s just the opening night.

The lady who got out of a wheelchair this afternoon shared her testimony to wild applause; followed by another man healed of chromes disease after visiting the revival in Mobile last April. He’s now preaching the Gospel in prisons and has led 50 to the Lord there!

After the service there was a loud cheer from one corner of the room. Going over to chat to them, it turns out a guy got out of his wheelchair – he’d had a stroke previously, and God healed him!

The opener, the worship, the tech crew and everyone else have done an awesome job pulling everything together. And this is just the start!

Honoured to have great friends along tonight; Ken Gott, the guys from UCB, God Channel, CfaN, The Eden Project, and a host of great churches and leaders from across the nation. So honoured you’re here.

Tomorrow starting 10am we’ve got a teaching day til 4pm, with Ken Gott, Andrew Murray myself and some of our team at the church (Not City Hall). Going to be a stormer. It’s fully booked, but people are going to queue in hope to get in, they are so hungry!

We then have night #2 at City Hall, starting 7:30pm.

Sleep well everyone. God is moving!


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