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Leadership is tough. Life is long. It’s easy to go off track. Make sure, somewhere along the line, your leadership emphasis doesn’t move….

….from prayer meetings, to lunch meetings
….from the voice of God, to copying & pasting
….from the Great Commission, to great publicity
….from raising disciples, to collecting decisions
….from the secret place, to the busy place
….from saving souls, to social action
….from the narrow way, to the consuming crowd
….from the service of God, to the praise of man
….from the power of the Spirit, to the talent of man
….from a crucified life, to a means of self fulfilment
….from serving God, to fulfilling self.
….from exploring and adventuring, to dull religion.
….from a thirst to learn, to defending our comfort zones.
….from an eternal perspective, to a desperation for success
….from following Jesus, to imitating man.
….from utter authenticity, to that leaders facade
….from passion, to employment
….from relationship, to rut.

Keep it biblical, keep it real. Keep it holy, keep it humble. And expect Him to bless you with amazing fruit – fruit that will last!


WHEN SPIRIT AND WORD COLLIDE book and online course.

If you want to take your church to higher places in the presence and power of God, in numerical growth and growing leadership then the SPIRIT AND WORD course will inspire and teach you to do just that.

International leaders have called the book behind the “When Spirit and Word Collide” online course ‘significant’, ‘valuable’, ‘one of today’s most important issues’, ‘powerfully expressed’, ‘vital reading’, ‘a must read’ Read their full comments here.

Immerse yourself in a prophetic adventure to discover the future of a glory filled church!



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